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Are Cat Backpacks Safe?

There is a longstanding debate between cat owners over whether or not putting a cat in a backpack is safe?

Cat owners have been putting their feline companions in backpacks for years-but is it really that bad?

This article explores the if putting your kitty cat in a backpack is cruel, safe, and the benefits of putting your kitty in a backpack.

What is a cat backpack and what are the benefits of using one?

Cat backpacks are essentially just like any other backpack, but designed to fit a cat. They come in many different sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your pet.

Some of the benefits of using a cat backpack include:

  • Keeping your cat safe and secure
  • Providing a sense of security for cats who are afraid of new environments
  • Easy transport for short trips to the vet or groomer


Is putting your cat in a cat backpack animal cruelty or even safe?

Veterinarians don't believe that putting your cat in backpack is animal cruelty.

Putting your kitty in a cat back pack is a safe and a good way to transport your cat.  

Cats have been known to enjoy riding in cars and being in new environments, so it's not likely that they will be traumatized by being in a backpack.

In fact, many veterinarians believe that putting you're kitty in a backpack on your cat can actually provide them with a sense of security in new environments as well as keep them safe.

For example, if you're at the store and see a strange dog, having your cat in their backpack will keep them away from the other pets, giving the sense of security your cat needs.

Some cats get nervous when they ride in cars in the backpack because of all of the activity happening around them, but not necessarily ,if they are with their owners.

Personally, we take our cat, Leila, in her cat backpack for about 15 minutes for a trip to the vet, each way.  And she loves it!  How do we know?

Well, the cat is totally calm in her cat backpack while in the car, not making any meow sounds, just totally relaxed.  

Occasionally, we also put our cat in the large cat backpack carrier, and take her outside to enjoy nature.

How long should you keep your cat in a backpack?

To make sure your cat has a comfortable experience, it's important to provide them with plenty of space in the backpack.

The maximum amount that should be given for one hour per month their age - meaning if you just turned two years old then only allow up 2 hours worth!

At the end of day, as every cat is different, you only want to keep them in their as long as their comfortable and not distressed.

If you truly want to let the cat outside, this large cat backpack carrier, it comes with a leash.

Just make sure the backpack is securely tied to something, if you want to roam around and also let your cat enjoy some nature.

So you don’t have to worry about your cat wandering away from you and getting lost!

We like to use the cat backpack as an alternative to the big bulky caged carriers.

She seems very relaxed taking a trip in the car in the backpack to the vet, perhaps because she knows she's next to her owner. 

Cat's are very loving creatures, so the moment you see them feel uncomfortable in their cat carriers, take them out!

Which cat breeds are good candidates for wearing backpacks?

  • Siamese
  • Ragdoll
  • Maine Coons
  • Abyssinian
  • Sphynx

Cats that may not be good candidates for wearing backpacks include:

  • Nervous or skittish cats
  • Cats with joint problems
  • Very old or very young cats

Cats who have joint problems might have a difficult time fitting into a backpack, and it could be quite painful for them to wear one. Older and younger cats might not be able to adjust as well to wearing a backpack as other cat breeds can.


What to do if your cat doesn't like you putting them in a backpack?

If your cat seems scared or uncomfortable, don't force them to wear the backpack. Instead, try making wearing a backpack part of their daily routine by putting food or treats in their backpack. This will make wearing it seem like a good thing!

Slowly introduce your feline friend to the new cat backpack to by  putting it on top of or next to them for short periods of time- eventually, they'll come to enjoy it! 

Tips for keeping your feline companion safe while they're in their new accessory.

- Make sure the straps are adjusted properly so your cat can't wiggle out of the backpack.

- Only take your cat on short trips to places they're familiar with, like the vet or groomer.

- Don't go too far away from home or leave your cat unsupervised in a public place.

- If your cat starts to get antsy or uncomfortable, take them out of the backpack right away.


This article has explored the benefits and consequences of putting your cat in the backpack, as well as what veterinarians have to say about this practice.

While some cats may not enjoy being in a backpack for long periods of time, others will come to appreciate the sense of security it provides them with.

For example, many cats experience anxiety when they are put into cars or other areas where there is lots going on around them-in cat backpacks can make car rides more enjoyable for both you and your pet!

If your cat is nervous or uncomfortable during car rides, try putting them in a backpack before you take off so they get used to the idea!

The benefits of giving your cat a sense of security are well worth it.

Just make sure to adjust the straps correctly so that they don't get out of the bag, and you should have no problems!

Need help in deciding how on choose a backpack for carrying your cat

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Cat Backpack Carrier

This large cat backpack provides security and ease anxiety for pet owners, while also being stylish and comfortable for cats. Your cat will love being closer to you, and with the secure zips and interior tether, you can relax knowing your kitty is safe. The transparent sides also provide a sense of security and ease anxiety for your feline friend. When not in use, the backpack carrier simply unzips into two pieces that fold away easily.


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